Bring a Meal

If you are one of several individuals who wish to bring meals to the grieving parents, then:

  • Use a website such as to coordinate your efforts with other friends and family members and to give the grieving parents a schedule as to when they can expect a meal.
  • Leave a cooler outside the residence of the parents. The meals should be left in the cooler without creating a daily interruption in the lives of the grieving parents, or making the grieving parents feeling obligated to host each of the friends or family members that stop by to leave a meal.
  • Don’t use the meal to make an unannounced visit to the home and expect the grieving parents to host you. Parents would certainly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you personally and be supported in their grief, but especially if they have other children in the home, it is probably too difficult for you to expect that they will host you for an unannounced visit.
  • Please be certain that if you sign up to bring a meal that you follow through with your commitment, as otherwise the parents (and their hungry children) may be left wondering what happened to the promised meal.

As an alternative to scheduling a meal, you could also make arrangements to prepare and provide a frozen meal to the parents, to be cooked by the parents whenever most convenient for them. Or, if you do not live in close proximity to the parent, consider purchasing and sending the parents a restaurant gift card.

Regardless of how you go about providing a meal, the grieving parents will be very appreciative of receiving it. Not only will the parents have one less daily task to worry about, but they will also be able to spend just a little more time together.

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