Where Is My Child Now?

Is the grave the end? Or are our deceased infants and young children now in Heaven? If so, for what reason is my child there? If you were like me, before your own child died you had never really given much thought to what happens to children who die in the womb, in infancy, or as a young child. What previously seemed an esoteric question has now became a question of utmost importance to us in our grief.

In searching scripture, we find the assurance that all infants and young children are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Every infant child who dies before being reaching a morally accountable age receives the gift of eternal life through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on a Roman cross about two thousand years ago. Just as we adults have no merit on our own by which we can justifiably claim to deserve Heaven, so also God chooses to save infant children as a gift (“by grace”). Based upon the demonstrated character of God, God clearly not only has the power to save infants, but the desire to do so. God chooses to save all deceased infants not because of any inherent innocent of a child, but because God is loving, merciful and just. We hope that you would be encouraged by Biblical assurances that your infant child is alive in Heaven, even now, enjoying the unspeakable riches of eternal life with God.

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