Immediately Upon Hearing of the Child’s Death

At some point in your ministry, your phone will ring, and you will hear a frantic voice on the other end of the line telling you that a child has died. What will you do then?

FIRST: If possible, find out what happened. Did the child die as a result of an accident, illness, suicide or murder? You don’t need to get details, just an initial idea of the cause of the death.

SECOND: Find out where the family of this child is at that moment. In other words, is the family at a hospital? Or are they at home? Try to find out where the parent(s) are at that moment.

THIRD: Once you know where the family is, go to them. This may not be possible if the family is out of town and something happened while they were away. If the family is some distance away, try to get a phone number where you could reach the parents. You will want to make contact with the family as quickly as possible. If the family is within a one hour drive, you do not necessarily need to call them. Just go to where they are.

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